Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna on a mission: Victual serve to millions of poor Indians




Mass crowd gripped this season to an infectious COVID 19 disease unable to feed themselves. Where Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna writer and former executive chef at Junoon Company come forward to complete a mission to feed millions of poor people in India.

Vikas Khanna is distributing food to fill up the belly of Vulnerable Indians from his home in New York.

He popularised at the time of serving delicious and marvelous cooked food on Obama’s table even hosted TV shows with Gordon Ramsay, written more than 20+ culinary books, and produced nearly 40,000$, the most sensational expensive cuisines at Junoon.



But, In the past two months, Vikas Khanna is deliberately serving meals to millions of Indian people who lost their jobs and faced extreme hunger in India.

The inspiring story of Mr. Khanna started when he moved to New York from India twenty years ago aim to become a chef, but complete his first due payment in dishwashing and then delivery man.

In the previous recent months, Mr. Khanna slips ground when he actually saw the miser people who not even lost their livelihood but forge in danger to feed for themselves. At the time, he was watching TV news from his apartment in Manhattan and felt dispirited.

While there’s life, there’s hope and Vikas Khanna did not lose it.

“We’ve totally failed our people,” he said in an interview last week.

“I wanted to show that solidarity still exists.”

Mr, Khanna, 48, an Indian-born child growing up in Amritsar in a Sikh community. Already passionate to learn the art of chef where he influenced by the large community Kitchen of Sikh Gurudwara’s.

“We’ve totally failed our people,” he said in an interview last week.

“I wanted to show that solidarity still exists.”

“My mom lives alone in Amritsar,” he added, “and I thought: What if she needed help and there was no one to help her?”



Mr, Khanna, Indian born child growing up in Amritsar in a Sikh community. Already passionate to learn the art of chef where he influenced by the large community Kitchen of Sikh Gurudwara’s.

The northern cuisines are popular amongst Indians like ‘Matchless Shahi Paneer’, ‘Velvety Makki di roti and Sarson da saag’, ‘The Marvelous Dal Makhni’.

Punjabi itself has tons of yummy variety dishes that capture the taste of India along with millions of crowd who love to lunge upon ‘the spice of Punjab meals.’

He was a Punjabi who serves the meals to the people that needs it.  As a disabled child with a Talipes Calcaneus foot, he said, “I had no friends, only sympathizers.”

Most of the hours a day he spends with his grandmother in the family kitchen to learn cooking and different food recipes.

Today Junoon’s, former Chef Executive has created more than 100+ unique recipes in front of the world.



Gathered a huge following in India recently in April on Twitter Mr. Khanna asked many people who are in need of food and in a few hours his inbox flooded with the bulk of replies. Sooner he gets more exposure but delivery to the hungry people was not an easy task for him.

He made the first attempt to deliver meals to home care in Bengaluru, also called Bangalore that lies apart in Southern India.

Where the disloyal delivery man evades with 2,000 pounds of rice and approximately around 900 pounds of lentils.

His search continued to find out a reliable partner who could work anywhere in India that led people relief from uncontrolled circumstances.

And next call to Satya Narayan Pradhan, head of relief force who already on work to nosh needy people.

“He said: ‘Can you help me? I live so far away in New York,”’ Mr. Pradhan recalled. “I agreed to help with the logistics wherever our battalions had jurisdiction.”



Mr. Pradhan had its hand full of injuries during a baneful industrial accident said, their partnership started in New Delhi, with the increasing reachability amongst penury. “He has been so brave about it,” Mr. Pradhan said of Mr. Khanna. “He’s invested his own funds, even though it must be tough for him. That’s why we want to help him as much as possible.”

Mr. Khanna initiates to distribute 7 million food packets of dry fruits and cooked meals over the past month in more than 100 cities in India.

While two months ago, India was facing a challenging task to distribute across too many states and red zone borders. Mr. Khanna comes forward to work under tight restrictions and moved essential goods to solve hunger issues.

On the other hand, Mr. Khanna was coordinating with himself managing gigantic differences in the time zone of  India and the USA.

This hassle ultimately wakes him up at night to work for the country.

He was formerly the executive chef at Junoon, who applauded for his creative take on Indian Traditional Cuisines and awarded with 7 years of Michelin star in a row.

His plans were different to open a new restaurant in New York before Corona spread but later on turn to serve the whole nation affected by this pandemic.



India’s lockdown began on 25th March, where poor Indians became helpless with the loss of jobs and started streaming out in the cities.

Even many landlords expel people for not paying rents, after all, they come from different regions to earn and uncertainly forced back to move towards their towns.

Instead of lifting up to poor people this undoubtedly created inequality in themselves as measured in lockdown.

And Mr. Khanna will with efforts initially to distribute and deliver dry ingredients to organizations- old age homes, orphans, poor neighborhood states, and even leprosy centers.

After posting on Twitter people started emailing and giving replies back so, Mr. Khanna figured a way out to deliver food to people with enormous needs.



A single, unmarried man has now received a lot of marriage proposals so not all mails were about food delivery.

Even he found many girls who like him and sees him as their future partner after asking over Twitter.

He said all proposals were slowing down the relief efforts.

Later on, he has tied up with Bharat petroleum, one of the biggest companies in India to set up a soup kitchen at gas stations along highways.


A very special day this Friday on Eid before the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Mr. Khanna especially distributed rice, lentils, flour, fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, spices, sugar, pasta, oil, and dried fruit to 200,000 people in Mumbai that placed his image in the heart of Indians forever.



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