Fantastic Decision for Family Occasions in Dubai: Tripper escapade experiences



Dubai is an ostentatious place for tourists in the United Arab Emirates.

Today many families consider Dubai as the best outing place to spend time on holidays.

The du jour cities of skyscrapers and colossal shopping malls built on desert outposts in Dubai are the major cause for the preference to most of the families from different countries chose Dubai to roam around.

You may explore the amazing tourist hot spots in Dubai that you will not view anywhere in the world.

Dubai is beautiful, surrounded by luxurious places such as the Bastakia district is also known as Old Dubai (Al-Fahidi neighborhood).

You will experience the Old traditions followed by Dubai locals wander in the city than enjoying dinner in a Dhow cruise Creek.

Those who want to visit Dubai will feel the heavenly environment on earth when traveling to the country.

I have added the best tourist attraction places in the bucket list that you all must visit if ever get a chance to out for Dubai in life it’s a better choice to discover more in this country.



  1. Burj Khalifa




Burj Khalifa is the most famous tourist spot and the dignity of Dubai.


The tallest building in the world measured up to a height of 829.8 meters.

Burj Khalifa considers a tourist attraction spot in point of interest.


It is now a place of an observation deck for the people.


If you are free from acrophobia then, you will love to see Dubai city above 124 floors.


The slick observation deck escapade includes a multimedia presentation and Dubai that completed in 2010.


An elevator whizzes up to feel the 360-degree view above the 124th floor, where on one side is an ocean and the other side desert.


Burj Khalifa is famous for the paparazzo for its night panorama.


You must pre-purchase tickets in advance instead of joining long line ups.



  1. Dubai Malls




If you want to view luxurious evergreen malls then, you only have a place for beautiful malls are Dubai Malls.


The shopping malls of Dubai with a complete mammoth aquarium inside and indoor ski slopes, this premier mall provides entry to Burj Khalifa and aquariums.


It is not an end because you will have more things that are memorable, thriller, and enjoyable with the family-like an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex.


Shopping and eating there is eternal, and malls coordinator always organizes special live music events along with entertaining fashion shows.



  1. Dubai Museum



Al-Fahidi fort is famous for exploring Dubai Museums was constructed in 1787 to defend Dubai Creek.


Fort walls constructed with coral-blocks that hold up together with lime, whereas the upper floor of the building fixes with wooden poles and the ceiling made up with palm fonds, mud, and plaster.


Fort has a fascinating entrance where initially you will be able to see an exhibition of old maps of the Emirates and Dubai, then showing a mammoth expansion that exploited the whole region after the oil boom.


Later on, you will see beautiful traditional boats, the palm-leaf house with an Emirati wind tower in the courtyard and the old weapons, musical instruments, and in-ground floor exhibits, and dioramas enfolded with various traditional Emirati life.


It is an exciting experience when you will discover old traditions and historical stories in the museum of the fort and country.



  1. Bastakia (Old Dubai)




The quarter of Bastakia is also known as Old Dubai or Al-Fahidi neighborhood built in the late 19th century.

It is a home of wealthy Persian merchants who dealt mainly in pearls and textiles.


These merchants lured to Dubai because of the tax-free trading and access to Dubai Creek.


Bastakia occupies almost of the eastern part along with coral, creek, and limestone houses.


Buildings are walls topped with windy towers.


Windy towers provide an air condition base to cool houses with the funnel connected down to homes.


People love this architectural element commonly found in Iranian Coastal houses from their home country to Gulf.


This region will remind you of an old expressive graphic tradition that found only in the early centuries.


If you want to see or have an interest in traditional Arab ceramics, and furniture, then you have a way to Majlis gallery.


For a cafe, shops, and other art exhibitions you may move to Al Serkal Cultural Foundation inside Bastakia.



  1. Dubai Creek & AI Seef District



Dubai Creek divides the two cities into two halves, from Dierra to the north and Bur Dubai to the south.


It attracts settlers to do fishing and pearl dive that made an influential element for its growth.


You may visit here to see the cargo loading and unloading where Dhow workers may also invite you for a sailing journey to gain an insight into the traditional settlers life.


Rise with a bustling and fascinating growth of the Arab economy can be understood when one visits to get to know about Dubai’s lifestyle.


On the Southside of Dubai Creek, AI Seef District waterfront has regenerated and esplanade back up with a floating market, coral-block and limestone buildings, and shops selling crafts.


It’s great to walk in a leisurely way with your loved ones to feel love, peace, and relaxation.


You can travel with your family across the Creek with a ferry or the ships restored there.



  1. Dubai Frame



An ultimate place to slang bang while sitting between the two different cities, the old one (Batsakia) as well as the modern (Dubai Creek), is Dubai Frame, which stands 150 meters high.


This picture frame is one of Dubai’s latest insights as a tourist place yank you through the history of Emiratis from the old times to a new one to take a feel of time travel experience before traveling up to sky deck.


You will have the best panoramas picture to capture the awesome moments at the viewing spots where you can take 360 degrees of both cities afterward you may see the Future Dubai Gallery where you will get a picture in mind of the futuristic Dubai.


Along with it, there are many other places like Burj-al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, and many more that after a happy journey you wish again to take another tour of Dubai.







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