Top 5 Best Wall Mounted Bathroom (Glass & Steel) Racks in India 2021.

Have you ever noticed the wonderful hotels that keep a neat and clean bathroom for customers? Isn’t that amazingly designed for you with hangers, white cotton towels, bathroom racks that store all the grocery items?

That is what most attracts people who want to spend a good time in resorts and hotels. Are you thinking to decorate the bathroom in the same way and still confused about which is the best bathroom rack item should you use?

Even you tried allocating all of your bathroom grocery items in the same place, but the problem has not been fix-up still. As everyone has a different brand choice in using the grocery items like toothpaste, brush soap, shampoo and along with that, many other bathroom products need a place in our shower room.

Here we have come up with the top 6 best wall-mounted bathroom racks that have the capability to store all your daily needed items.

Well, this item is going to be much helpful for your family as well as it maintains the bathroom decor that may look clean and beautiful. Even your known ones will surely like the bathroom rack. Isn’t it a dazzling wall item that is beautifully fix up one time and taking care of your grocery products?

No one likes things that are spread all over in the bathroom. This can be a special item that you can keep to make your bathroom neat and clean.

In this article, we will cover up all the best bathroom rack items that will be much helpful for you in finding the best product for your bathroom. Even you will get to know about product specifications and their benefits along with limitations they are having. 


5 Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Racks in India 2021 | Product Reviews & Recommendations.


Plantex High-Grade Stainless Steel Bathroom Rack


Plantex High-Grade Stainless Steel Bathroom Rack


An amazing best-reviewed product that we bring up for you is Plantex high-grade stainless steel bathroom rack with a set of 5 accessories that are necessary for your bathroom and each accessory has its own feature to hold and hang the bathroom items. This product can transform your bathroom providing a cool look when mounted on a wall. These 5 pieces comprised of a towel rod, napkin ring, tumbler holder, soap dish, and robe hook. All in one pack for your bathroom an amazing product that every accessory has a separate place for storing different items in the bathroom. Plantex bathroom rack is made of a high-grade stainless steel material that is going to extend its hold for heavy towels or bulk clothing items when we keep on it.

Well if we talk about the specialty of tumbler holder accessory in which you can keep the shampoos, face wash, brushes, or any spray item. Nowadays, no need to keep bathroom grocery items separately because they are already a part of our daily needs that is why this product will be the best solution for your bathroom and is capable of holding all the bathroom grocery items. So let’s know more about its specifications, advantages, and limitations.



1. Capable of holding heavy weighted towels.
2. Elegant look silver made iron rods that gives a beauty to its surroundings.
3. Stainless steel a rust and corrosion free product that will stay same for very long time.
4. Innovative towel rack that is designed to keep & fold towels in our own ways.
5. All things can be organised in a super way to use them separately for different family members.
6. Chrome finishing with stainless steel gives a long lasting shining style and perfect look.
7. Stylish design of wall mounted bathroom racks look attractive and trendy.


1. High grade stainless steel that keeps the product safe from oxidation and rusting.
2. Amazing 4 fixed steel hooks are available to hang any thread grocery product like brush, body scrubber.
3. Use apparels and towels to hang and store there for longer time
4. Bathroom accessory can be used to keep hand wash towels.
5. All screws and mounting fit assembly comes along with the product so no need to buy it from outside the market.
6. Each item rack has its own place to keep different products like soap, tooth paste , brushes, towels and many other things.


1. Tumbler holder have a less space that may keep only few things.
2. Only few steel rods so less space to place more things.


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Ryan Multipurpose Mount storage Bathroom Rack


Ryan Multipurpose Mount storage Bathroom Rack


An adorable bathroom rack is what we have as another item on our list. Amazing stylish black wired cute look bathroom rack for multiple uses. Shower caddy Stainless steel product that will be beneficial to locate all the other bathroom items in one place.  Ryan multipurpose mount storage bathroom rack uses adhesive sticky technology which is capable of handling many items like conditioner, face wash cleanser, scrub mask packets, lotion,  and many other things. A 349 grams product is ideal to store heavy toiletries and is strong enough to lift items above it. Its high-quality steel material provides enough strength to organizes all the things in one place. Even it does not take much space so we could place and fix it in the corners of the walls. Then, what we are waiting for? Lets’ scroll and know more about its specifications, advantages, and limitations.



1. Can be cleaned up easily and consists of smooth surfaces.
2. Protect from rusting and corrosion.
3. Made with an advance adhesive technology that may give support to the heavy items.
4. Transparent and invisible adhesive design that makes the bathroom looks more decorated.
5. No need to hassle for installations the supply materials will be provided along with installation guides.
7. Modern, functional, wall mounted ledge can keep wet soaps in a tidy manner and providing enough space to store other items.


1. A non trace adhesive shower caddy product.
2. Completely capable to store many products.
3. A perfect product to use like a small shower stall and bathtub shelf.
4. Liberating Bathroom space done in a clean, organised and perfect way.
5. Bathroom rack has water proof Corners and long lasting use.
6. Made perfectly with a corner installation to utilize full space.


1. A very light weighted product.
2. Storing clothes and towels is not possible
3. Adhesive is not reusable once removed.


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U-S-F Bath Accessories Glass Corner Shelf Bathroom



Want a more decorated bathroom shelf? Another top-rated glass corner shelf that defines your bathroom with a royal look and luxury stylings. Therefore, U-S-F bath accessories Glass Corner Shelf Bathroom Shelf come up to fulfill your needs. This is a wonderful beautiful product made of a diamond black glass- a corner shelf that may bewitch anyone who looks over it. It looks simple but its beauty can touch anyone’s heart. This superb transparent product is made of brass at the brackets that are capable to hold medium-weighted bathroom products. Diamond black glass consists of good thickness that is unbreakable when we keep bathing grocery items on it. This is really great that these days we can buy high-quality products that have amazing furnishing with a clean and smooth surface for your shower room and give a royal look. When you look over its specifications and superb benefits, you may have the key to choosing it for your shower room. Take a glance at the beauty and royal design of this product.



1. Will keep your stuff and items clean due to draining holes.
2. Provides a beautiful interior design while kept in the bathroom.
3. Brass brackets will help you in keeping the glass rust and corrosion free.
4. Black premium glass design will hide all scratches made by the grocery products.
5. Easy care use to keep all the products safely at the same place.
6. Helps in corner installation due to triangular shape of the item.
7. Wall mounted product with amazing high stability.


1. 3 styles chose to select any of your choice (Diamond, Flower, and, Round).
2. 3 Shelves will be provided that has much space to store many items.
3. Can be washed easily without any hassle due to its high quality glass material.
4. All fitting necessary items will be provided so no need buy it from outside.
5. It is rust and corrosion free item.
6. Self dry facility is provided featuring long drain holes in the shelf.


1. Limiting capability to hold items weighing not more than 7 Kilograms.
2. A little costly item that need high maintenance.
3. Must be kept away from kids.


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SPRINQUE Stainless Steel Double Layer Bathroom Shelf



After going through many bathroom shelves we found this a unique item especially for you. It has amazing stainless steel quality with great product storing capacity that may surprise you when you keep using it. You can store more products on the provided two shelves. Along with that beautiful pair of the rack, you may get a rod holder to hang your towels and toilet papers. Well, this will be a very useful product to store more items and shines brighter having great longevity and durability. Even you thinking of scratches made by mistake then stop worrying about it, due to the nickel-chrome coating protection layer made for you, will help your product to resist scratches. Corrosion cannot take place as it’s rust-free using stainless steel stand. Well, if we talk about SPRINQUE stainless steel double Layer bathroom shelf which gives an admirable outlook with a stylish design that will be the perfect decor for your washbasin, showrooms, or bathrooms. Manufacturers have designed this product in such a way that they attain their complete goal of storing all toiletries, towels, bathroom products in one place. Isn’t it the same thing that everyone is searching outside to buy all in one item? And, that has made an easy way to use this product for us. Briefly talking about the specifications, advantages we won’t stop to explain to you so here is something below containing all the things that you should know about this product. Have a look!



1. 3 racks functionality could be a great setup for placing toiletries and other bathing grocery things.
2. Perfectly capable to store a variety of personal care and beauty essentials items.
3. It has a double towel bar that may organize an easy access to use items.
4. To maintain a very high longevity the stainless steel is made of 304 grade.
5. Great holding capacity protecting things from falling down.
6. 3 Hangers are beneficial to hang all thread like items like big brushes, scrubber etc.
7. This 3 tiered beautifully designed shelf is successfully proven to lift good weighted grocery items.


1. The rack is durable and rust free ensuring the shine and longevity.
2. Now no daily scratches nickel-chrome coating will help you to protect from it.
2. High grade stainless steel with super powerful hold to keep the grocery item safe.
4. Cleaning the racks is an easy task with wet cloth.
5. Fitting materials like screws and other setup will be provided along with item.
6. The stainless steel is made up with good technicalities that fixes tightly inside the wall protecting items to fall down.


1. Assembling is done manually on your own.
2. Need to fix shelf carefully on the walls.
3. Takes much space a wider area to place and fix on the wall.


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OSLEN Stainless Steel Double Layer Shelf with Towel Road


OSLEN Stainless Steel Double Layer Shelf with Towel Road


Bringing up an amazing outstanding product once again would be a beneficial item for your bathrooms.  OSLEN stainless steel double layer shelf with a towel road is the top-rated best quality item that is now in front of you.  This item is completely made of stainless steel for long-lasting use that will not only be perfect storage for your personal care and makeup products to keep but it will provide proper protection against rusting and corrosion. Even you may keep many weighted items like a hairdryer, hair iron, creams, and lotions, etc. We haven’t shared any of the provided items in our list that have a very strong holding capacity of weighted items. A perfect match for those who want to store much-weighted product items on the tiered stand. If your grocery items are of great height then  23 cm will be the best maximum space provided between the first two-tier stands which will keep a separation and even avoids touching between those items. Only after taking knowledge about its specifications, benefits and, limitations, this item may be a perfect solution to buy for bath decor. So let’s get to know about its specialty and scrolling more can help you in solving your problem.



1. Beautifully designed wall mounted shelf with no assembly required.
2. Chrome coating will prevent you from rusting.
3. Easy care for use and a best proven product to lift much weighted products easily.
4. Can be cleaned up easily washing with a wet cloth once a week.
5. Creates more space for other products when organized things are kept in a proper manner.


1. Chrome coating will prevent you from rusting.
2. Consists of 3 tier rack system where you can keep hair care products, brushes, blow dryers, and, hair flat/curling irons separately.
3. A durable product that is worth having and lasting long service time.
4. 23 cm is great maximum height provided to keep the items separated in the 3 tiered shelves.
6. Towel hanger rods are super strong that can hang many apparels when one wants to use it for those things.


1. Needs much care.
2. Cannot prevent from scratches.
3. Need to assemble manually on your own.


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Isn’t that made an easy task to chose anyone from these? While looking out for the best wall-mounted bathroom racks you must keep a note that the rack should be strong enough to lift heavy weighted products. It must have a chrome coating to prevent your items from rusting. Choosing a good item will be defined by its spacing that how many items we can store at the same place. Longevity can be helpful for your product to keep it for many years without breaking. Scratches can destroy the product’s beauty so be ensure always that the product must protect from scratches. All these we have easily explained in the above product lists. Now, all your confusions can be set aside so you may easily pick anyone that is best suitable for your needs and enjoy the benefits of having it!

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