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Top 5 Best Shower Head to Buy in India 2021. Quick Reviews & Latest Price

Completely exhausted after leaving office who does not wants to take a bath and get fresh once again? But there is a big difference in the simple bath and luxury bath services replacing buckets with head showers. Imagine a royal black tile furnished bathroom that has all those luxurious bathroom decor items then who are not going to spend more time under rain showers taking bath and have fun there. It is like many people wait for the rainy season and the time when the rain droplets fall on their body it rejuvenates them which results in becoming very happy, fresh, and looks younger than before. The Rain itself creates a lovely atmosphere that may delight any person and make his day. But, what if you have a head shower present in your home then no need to wait for rainy seasons once you rotate the tap-on, the still water breaks the patience and transform into a rain shower that starts falling down upon you to provide a calm, cool and relaxing touch inside your body. Many of us want that luxurious feeling of having a royal pool, bathing tub, and other items in our bathroom but not everyone can afford to have it but if still, someone is having desire to retreat at home to enjoy and feel perfect leisure then head shower can fulfill your needs and enjoy the day with a lot of rain droplets upon you anytime giving you the same real rain effect. Now a question may arise which one you should choose to go with for your bathroom? Then, don’t worry we have brought here the top 5 best head showers to buy in India, and from this article, you get to know which one is best for your home bathroom.


Buy Best Rain Showers in India | Top Recommendations and Reviews 2021



SBD Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head


SBD Ultra Thin SS Square


Enjoy your day with SBD Ultrathin Rain Shower Head in your bathroom. Your beautifully decorated bathroom must have this item that will refresh you whenever you need it. A rain shower head with 64 nozzle points to attain water from it. They may give you two options one is grade 304 steel and the other is 302 chrome finished. You will have a leak-proof structured item that will protect the water from getting wasted. The total water passing out will be exactly equal to the water entering the pipe. A Square material SS shower has its own characteristics and you will love it definitely once you have it in your bathroom. Here you may find its top specifications, advantages, and disadvantages that will help you in choosing the best item for your home.



1. It contains head shower & shower arm with leak proof structures.
2. Threading size is 0.5 inch so you may feel the best shower rain like droplets falling upon.
3. Grade 304 steel item has glossy mirror finished and heavy in weight.


1. Makes your feel fresh daily after taking a rain bath.
2. Beautifully made and have leak proof mechanism.
3. Heavy in weight but you may also have a lighter one to choose.


1. 302 steel grade does not have glossy mirror finish.
2. Nozzle needs to be slightly thicker.
3. Nozzle count is 64 but if we have more counts than there is an increase in falling rain that feels pretty cool to have bath fast.


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ALTON Bathroom Shower Head Rain


ALTON SHR20805 SS-304 Grade 12x12 Square Overhead Shower Without Arm, Chrome Finish


Amazing shower rain head with no shower arm and it fixes on the ceiling of the room as shower arms require a little more space to carry the steel surface hence, we have this product so you may not need to hassle if there is a small bathroom space inside your home. 304 Grade product provides fantastic water flow to ensure a pleasant experience. A powerful advanced air injection technology is fitted in the system with more water pressure and it saves more water. This is an anti-clogging item that may not prevent water to have free fall. To get more about this product we need to go much in detail, so let’s jump to view the top specification, advantage, & disadvantage.



1. A great experience with a fantastic water flow that provides a relaxing and comfortable bath zone.
2. Advance air technology with an excellent performance product that offers more water pressure.
3. Anti-clogging system that will help you to get a high pressure water flow.


1. Anti-clogging and Leak proof structure prevents water wastage.
2. A unidirectional technology water flow product.
3. Silicon nozzle prevents aging and anti-clogging.
4. A unidirectional technology water flow product.


1. Air technology can improve having less air so water may flow with high pressure.
2. Stainless Steel have ten layers but is too thin that needs more maintenance.


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Derpras Shower Head


Derpras 16 Inch Square Rain Shower Head, 304 Stainless Steel, Ultra Thin High Pressure Bathroom Rainfall


The next item on our list is we have a Derpras shower head that is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It is purely made with stainless steel material. Well, talking about its features that would never end as it has a swivel adapter which allows adjusting the angle of the shower heads and it is up to you wherever side you want the front face of the shower. It may provide relief from fatigue because of the strong water flow when falls over the neck and backside of the body. It contains rubber nozzles that you can unclog very easily with your hand to remove the dust, lime, and sediments. Getting straight towards specifications, advantages, and disadvantages may help you in knowing more about this product.



1. Very easy to install on wall or ceiling-mounted shower arm without any tools.
2. Air energy technology provides a consistent power rain shower even at low water pressures.
3. Support is always available. Contact company if encountered with any difficulties in the product.


1. You may have 4 different sizes and 2 colours (Matte black, brushed nickel finished) to select anyone that fits perfectly for your bathroom.
2. A powerful rain shower even under low pressures.
3. 324 soft nozzle count prevents the accumulation of water as well as makes the water to flow much faster.


1. Need more time to clean nozzles due to more nozzle count.
2. Brass Shower arm and the steel plate is much heavier.


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ALTON Ring Head Shower


ALTON SHR20735 Silicone, Metal 8 inch Overhead Shower, Silver, Polished Finish


Are you thinking to have a ring shower head product that made perfectly with a circular shape and is compatible with your bathroom? Then ALTON ring shower head is especially for you. It is 8 inch overhead shower polish finishing product. Flexible rubber nozzles that may prevent limescale build-up and is anti-clogging. Very high big brand quality, smooth as well as bright and material prevents corrosion and rusting. A rotating item that has a swivel ball design in the connector allows you to adjust the angle at complete 360 degrees. Here are some of its top specifications, advantages, and disadvantages that may help you in choosing this product perfect for your home.



1. Silicone metal designed with leak proof technology.
2. Head keeps the water flow rate being 2.5Gpm that saves upto 30% of water.
3. 8 inch sized diameter that may covers the full body to give the actual water and may not waste the water.


1. 304 Grade stainless steel with an ultra thin size circular in shape.
2. Top & bottom mirror surface that fits any bathroom interior.
3. It gives a powerful rain at minimal pressure.


1. Much lighter in weight that may needs high maintenance.
2. A little costly product.


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KOHLER Rain Duet Filter Shower


KOHLER Rain Duet Filter Shower


Kohler Rain Duet filter Shower a super handy product that is made of a solid material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It has a KDF layer that removes chlorine and other organic constituents. A product with activated charcoal that helps to remove heavy elements like sand and other dust particles. The design of this shower head looks like a powerful blast in the head shower industry with many layers such as hair fall damage control layer, skin issues prevention like acne, itching, etc. Time to take a deep knowledge about this wonderful product. Let’s move into top specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.




1. One Cartridge inside shower head that filters dust and other toxic materials in the water and increases its purity.
2. The cartridge is made of 5 specific layers (KDF, filter mesh, activated charcoal, filter mesh, antiscalant) to protect from skin and hair issues.


1. Removal of all sediments and due to this you may have a great glowing skin as well as hairs too.
2. Three different sprays in shower head and each one of them has a separate task such as relaxing pain, pulsating massage and aerated foam.
3. It may clear out dissolved impurities, reduction of scaling, removal of chlorine and, heavy metals.


1. You may need to change the filter after every 6 months by calling back to the company.
2. An expensive product.
3. It is fixed and the angle cannot be changed.


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Here we have the top 5 greatest products of the bathroom industry pricing from lowest to highest. But, there must be a conclusion while choosing the best product in the market as it must protect its elements from corrosion, rusting, or oxidation. The item should not be lightly weighted as this needs high maintenance. The water nowadays, we meet is a mix-up with bad impurities and this can lead to maximum hair fall and skin issues like reddish, rashes, or itching. So there should be a way to protect you from these issues and even can take care of your family in a better way. To have a glow in the skin a sediment removal mechanism should be there but as we know the budget also depends so you may select the best that fits your family. It will prevent wasting water as a result in the reduction of water bills.

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