ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet with SS-304 Grade 1.25 Meter Flexible Hose Pipe and Wall Hook, White, Polished, ABS + SS-304 Grade

The Top 5 Best Health Faucet in India 2021 | Buy Best Home Decor Items in India

Health Faucet is an amazing technology product in the sanitary ware industry which compromises all our daily needs while using toilets, hand wash and also in washing utensils. As you may see most people use toilet paper at home for fast cleaning but still others feel a bad smell in them releases throughout the day and it can diminish the personal growth in government or even corporate sectors. That’s how we must be aware of the healthy products to clean ourselves and it is the only way that we may live a neat & healthy lifestyle. Along with it, we have a good status in our society so people will ask about it once they view and use it inside your house. A better living will definitely makes you a better person in society and that’s how we compare ourselves from our past. It takes time to implement all the luxurious items in our home so relatives or guests can stay longer with us and feel the environs like living in a hotel or a resort. The health faucet is a secret weapon that anyone can use for anything where the work is related to water like bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. That’s why today we are going to discuss the top 5 best health faucets in India 2021 with a conclusion after going through each of their specifications, advantages & disadvantages.


Top 5 Health Faucets You Can Buy in India 2021 | Best Reviews & Recommendations.


CERA Stainless Steel Health Faucet


CERA F8030103 Stainless Steel Health Faucet with Hook and Hose, Chrome Finish


A wonderful product with hooks and hose is CERA stainless steel health faucet that may definitely surprise you once you start using it and this product comes up beyond our expectations. It has chrome finishing on its entire body which can prevent you from rusting and corroding. This product is a wall mount product that can attach to the hanger after using it. So no need to think about any other extra bathroom shelves or cabinets to keep it. Takes a one-time cost for fixing it on the walls and then uses hassle-free. It has a 1-meter chrome plated hose pipe that provides flexibility in using it. An ABS product that can transform the way of your living. Let’s discuss its top specifications, advantages, and disadvantages so you can select this best for your home accordingly.



1. Using it makes your body neat, clean & healthy.
2. Its Ultra glossy shine can give a perfect outlook to your bathrooms.
3. Knob controlled item gives the power in your hands to save water.


1. It is a bright shine with non-rust product.
2. Saves more electricity with knob control plug in hand.
3. Cost effective and less maintenance product.


1. Extra outside charges of fixing on walls.
2. Knob rubber needs a little improvement.
3. Especially made to use for abdominal body. So, hose pipe must have a good length for full body use.


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Hindware ABS Health Faucet


Hindware F920012CP ABS Health Faucet, Silver, Chrome Finish


Another best ABS health product in the market manufactured under the name of big brand Hindware the biggest sanitary warehouse in this industry. This product may bring up a spark into your home. Well, talking about its features is quite more exciting one of them is Rubbit technology that ensures no blockage in nozzles and it is very easy to maintain. Robotic electroplating provides an everlasting lustrous shining and will increase the credibility of your bathroom. Very high-quality ABS plastic use on the tip of the faucet handle that controls the pressure of the water and maintains it to release as required. Faucet nozzles ensure auto cleaning and great maintenance. It comes with a set of tidy, elegant bathroom accessories that enhances the good mood of anyone for the whole day. Let’s open the door to view more about the health faucet its top specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.



1. Get a high pressure water flow and get fully satisfied with it.
2. Easily operated with any wall mixer and handles itself perfectly.
3. A strong lustrous mirror looks technology in the faucet that may reflect exactly same image.


1. Works perfectly great in a consistent supply of water pressure.
2. Provides a wide water coverage area by the sharp design and stunning symmetry of the overhead shower feature.


1. An extra outside charges for fixing one time.
2. Warranty only for defective piece.
3. A little heavy product weighs 1 kilograms.


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ALTON Health Faucet


ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet with SS-304 Grade 1.25 Meter Flexible Hose Pipe and Wall Hook, White, Polished, ABS + SS-304 Grade


The pretty cool item we have today on our list. An everlasting white, beautifully designed ALTON Health Faucet is available at your door. One will always try to spend more time in the bathroom that provides a luxurious and relaxing feeling. Its hose pipe is 1.25 meters in length isn’t that longer and better? It really fulfills the daily necessity and even it is an alluring product for the bathroom. One who has it will love it because of its explosion-proof feature. A perfect way to design our bathroom attractive. Its exceptional beauty can impose a very strong impact in anyone’s brain about its designs, anti-corrosive features. If the water pressure exceeds 0.14gpm then no need to hassle about it. This item strongly maintains and controls the pressure flow. You may get an extra accessory with it for wall fit purposes such as Wall Hook, SS-304 Grade Flexible Hose Pipe, installation Accessories.


1. Explosion proof chrome finish structure can maintain your water pressure.
2. Stylish designed reliable item can be used for multipurpose.
3. Chrome finishing protects from corrosion and tarnishing that ensures quality and longevity.


1. SS-304 High Grade with ABS plastic technology provides a very long lasting effect.
2. Controls and avoid blasting or leakage in pipes.
3. High performance even in poor water pressures.


1. Gripping improvement as a gentle care is needed while holding in hands.
2. Only warranty in manufacturing defects.
3. Nozzles needs improvement because of very few in count.


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Macroware ABS Health Faucet



A powerful feeling of living in a wonderland can only be possible by Macroware. It is a very attractive and more interesting product just because of the finishing touch and is a very unique piece made like once a decade. If we discuss more its beauty you won’t stop an eye glance. A grey-black designed Macroware Health faucet will enlighten your bathroom with its super attractive looks. This item is made up of a unique material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene that enhances the product stiffness towards excellent levels. This is like a dream to have a great product that satisfies us. The screen washer uses inside it prevents clogging or water overflow and thus controls the water pressure. To get more about this product let’s dive deep into its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.  



1. Easy Handling of hand spray & strong grip designed ergonomically with great efficiency.
2. Flexible SS 304 Grade shower hose that can be tightly connected together inside and thus control excessive water flow.


1. No need a separate room to place it like shelf or cabinet as it comes with the handle holder.
2. Protected from scratches product or damage by accidental fall.


1. Weight Improvement is needed.
2. Only warranty in manufacturing defects.
3. Requires extra cost to mount on wall.


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MARCOWARE Toilet Hand Spray


MARCOWARE Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Toilet Hand Spray With Shower Hose & Wall Hook, Black, Brushed Finish


Again another Macroware product, proven best toilet hand spray. This company strongly emphasizes sanitary items with awesome results in the market. Its beauty is literally amazing well, black is the perfect beauty to decorate anything with it and gives everlasting stylish effects. It is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material that has great dimensional stability and easy to paint anytime. The shower hose pipe is 1.25 meter long that is enough for anyone to get a better experience. It has an amazing glide technology for an easy one-hand operation, control flow, and water pressure. Amazingly tested for 50000 water cycles in extreme water conditions. It has a super heavy-duty build to lasts for a lifetime. Its scratch-proof body is pretty cool due to the ABS body protection. Well, specifications, advantages, and limitations may help you more in selecting this as the best available product in the market.




1. Have a scratch free body which is a joint-less single cast.
2. Equipped with a high density ceramic with brass cartridge that provides smooth functioning and lasts long.
3. Advanced Cleaning technology that removes the dirt from inside.

1. Easy handling and great gripping.
2. A scratch-free body or protects from accidental falls.
3. Prevents from breakage problems and control water flow with slide handle.
1. Needs weight improvement.
2. Extra screws are not provided.
3. Only warranty provided in manufacturing defective pieces.
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This article briefly explains everything about the facet and provided a great experience by going through all the top 5 health faucet online products. Each product has its own unique features and characteristics. All of them lie at the slight change in price well that does not matter. What matters here is the stiffness in the body and the shiny decent looks of the shower handle. Along with that if we talk about the material that should survive last long even after accidental falls is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The faucet must protect from corrosion and rusting and has a strong grip technology so it may not get slips from the hand. These are the best recommendations that may help you to choose the perfect one from any of these greatest brands discussed above.


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