Racold Eterno Pro 25Litres Vertical 5 Star water heater

Top 5 best 25 litre Bathroom Geyser (Electric) to buy in India with latest price 2021

Are you planning to buy a top-class water geyser? That may save electricity and must have a great capacity to store and heats the water. Saving electricity is what we always think especially while looking for electric home essentials. There are two types of geysers or water heaters (Gas Water Geyser & Electric water geyser) that we may use any one of them in our home concerning no side effects.  This water heater will be used best in colder regions that have a very cool environment and thus we can enjoy a loving hot water bath. Even kids at home never like to go for a bath in a cold climate due to cool water and this appliance is proven to be more beneficial for your family to enjoy the hot water. While washing dishes with cool water, you can maintain the geyser’s temperature, which will supply you warm water to wash dishes and the same can be done with clothes also.

Well, we have many other products that consume a lot of electricity in our home and generate high bills due to great power consumption. And, nowadays people are facing many problems and may get confused when thinking to buy a water geyser. Therefore, we have come up with the top 5 best 25-liter water geysers to buy in India. Here in this article, we may consider good brands that are verified by many people using it. Saving electricity and saving water will be our main focus in this article so you may choose the best to buy. Let’s discuss the overview, specifications, advantages and, disadvantages of the top 5 best geysers in India 


5 Best 25 liter Bathroom Geyser (Electric) in India 2021 | Product Reviews & Recommendations.


V-Guard Divino Storage Water Heater


V-Guard Divino Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater, 5-Star, White


Amazing water heater we have come up with, best for you to access the comfort you need at your home. Even the V-Guard Divino geyser looks decent as well as water storing capacity is great. This is purely white in color and having high energy efficiency to save electricity. Item model Divino 25 may fall according to the temperature and is suitable for hard water usage. Enough extra-thick magnesium coating is provides added protection and is anti-corrosive with an advanced Vitreous Enamel Coating that protects the Inner Tank. We are sure you think you need to keep an eye while switching on the geyser. Well, obviously not needed these days because this geyser is having an amazing thermal power cut-out and an advanced overheat protection mechanism that will prevent your home from short circuits or geyser failure. Even the materials that are made of heavy metal is having multi-layered protection against corrosion and scaling. You can control the temperature with a provided knob from 25- 75 degrees Celcius. When your heater has made the water ready to use, you may find a green signal that depicts you can use water and when it’s red, the geyser machine is still in the process of boiling water according to you. They do the installation in Pan India and provide 2 years of warranty on the product, 3 years of warranty on the heating elements and, 5 years of warranty on the Inner Tank. Now let us know about the specifications, advantages and, disadvantages of Divino 25.



1. BEE 5 rated star labelled product that consumes less electricity.
2. Maximum Storage capacity is 25 liters and is intended for full small family.
3. Anti Corrosive and rust free with an advanced vitreous Enamel Coating protects the Inner Tank and provides a long life.
4. High grade mild steel tank gives protection from leakage.
5. Due to CFC Free PUF insulation which is capable for high heat retentions.
6. Two advanced safety measures that include Thermal-cut out & Thermostat provides overheat protection.
8. Consists of 5 in 1 multi-functional safety valve prevents excessive pressure build-up, vacuum formation & reverse water flow.


1. Three sizes available 6 liter, 10 liter and, 25 liter so you may chose any of size according to your daily needs.
2. Temperature control knob for adjusting the temperature from 25-75 degree Celcius.
3. Stylish Twin Neon display indications signals green for power and red for heating.
4. Much suitable for High Rise Buildings and Pressure Pump Application.  
5. It safeguards against heavy damages resulting from overheating, pressure build-up and, vacuum formation.
6. It offer long-ultimate safety, long lasting durability, higher energy savings, and provides your bathroom a classy distinctive touch.


1. Need to pay 350+GST installation charges.
2. Inlet and outlet connection pipes can be purchased from the technician on a chargeable basis at installing time.
3. Special screws for other pipeline fittings is not provided.


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Racold Eterno Pro 25Litres Vertical 5 Star water heater


Racold Eterno Pro 25Litres Vertical 5 Star water heater


A cool-stylishly designed water geyser is now in front of you as this product has an awesome inbuilt feature that can save up to 40% electricity consumption, which will automatically reduce your electricity bill. A smart bath logic function is already mentioned in this product capable of customizing bathing needs by adjusting the regulator according to your bathing preference mode. The supreme Eterno 2  uses high-quality protective polymer coating technology for an inner container that may resist corrosion from hard water. Have you ever heard about any heating elements of a geyser for its protection and longer life? Here, you may find a titanium-enameled heating element for both protection and longer life.  This will definitely increase the health of the water heater. This titanium plus technology has very high durability and superior withholding capacity, as well as the steel tank inside the geyser, is specially designed with titanium enamel coating. The titanium enameled elements and will resists high-pressure withstanding capacity and water impurities in it. It is suitable for high rising buildings and pressure pump applications. Along with that, a smart guard with a special anode inbuilt feature is ready to protect it from corrosion and greatly enhancing its life. Here are we presenting Racold Eterno 2  top specifications, benefits and, limitations that we have discussed below. Let’s have a look!



Top Specifications
1. Smart Bath Logic feature that saves up to 30% electricity.
2. It has an amazing intelligent feature that will give you an option to choose bucket or shower for bath.
2. SPHP: a special unique polymer used for protective coating an advanced technology for inner container helps in resisting corrosion caused by hard water.
4. Highly durable as well as superior withstand capacity with titanium plus technology.
2. Helps in resisting water impurities and provides you fresh and clean water.
3. Water Heater has a high pressure withstanding capacity suitable for High pressure pump applications and high buildings.
7. A special anode is present inside it that protects heating elements from corrosion providing a long lasting effect.


1. 5 BEE Star Rating product with energy efficient and saves money.
2. Smart Energy saver heater up top 40% electricity.
3. Titanium plus technology protection is available inside tank and even outside it.
4. A special anode is used with heating element that clears water impurities and harmful chemicals released while heating.
5. Providing 10% more hot water thus a special deflector ensures slow mixing of cold and hot water in the inner container.
6. Free installation service is provided within 24-36 hours.


1. Additional charges applicable for Inlet-outlet pipe, decorated strip, barrel nipple, other accessories.
2. Sizes of pipes are not mentioned as they will be provided at the time of installation after purchasing the product.
3. Other special screws for different pipeline fittings are not provided.


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AO Smith Water Geyser 


AO Smith Water Geyser 


Choosing the best quality geyser is what we care for and AO Smith is a comely product available at your doors. It is a blue diamond glass-lined tank that handles 2x corrosion resisting which is a very powerful technology designed for your home beauty. The anode rod inside it is made up of a customized alloy that works even in hard water conditions to protect the tank. This rod has a 2 times life span as compared to the magnesium rod. Its Outer Body Material uses ABS (Terpolymer) to impact resistance, structural strength, and stiffness. You may have a temperature control knob to move it either left side or right side, where you can handle very high temperatures in an easy way. After setting the hot water temperatures makes the heating element non-operational and will automatically stop for you once the set temperature is reached. The blue diamond glass lining technology reduces scaling accumulation on the tank caused by minerals, corrosion made due to hard water that automatically enhances the strength of the water geyser. This product has a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank, 2 + 2* years on the glass-coated heating element, and 2 years of comprehensive elements fitted inside. It is the best durable product with a power of 2000 wattage available in the market. To choose this as your best product its top specifications, advantages and, disadvantages are written below. 



Top Specifications
1. Provides hard water protection and increases 2x life span.
2. Blue Diamond glass lined tank provides 2x corrosion and rust free features.
3. Both 4 & 5 BEE Star rating is available with different water storing capacity.
4. Blue Diamond glass lined technology reduces scaling accumulation on the tank caused by minerals.
5. Long lasting customized anode rod is fitted inside that works in hard water conditions increases 2x lifespan
6. 23% strong and heavy gauge alloys prevents rusting of inner tank materials and heating elements.
8. Efficient inlet water diffuser breaks the flow of water from vertical towards horizontal direction and purifies it.


1. Capable of holding high pressures 8 bar and 5 BEE Rating star.
2. Instant geyser capacity intend to use for a family size.
3. Compact in size and ideal for washing hands and dishwashing.
4. Inner materials coated with strong lining protects from leakage.
5. Long lasting anode rod is used for maximum lifespan without blemish.
6. Temperature control knob is provided with thermal cut out as well as safety valve.


1. Water Heater Free Installation is applicable up to municipal cities and rest in other cities 400 inr charges.
2. No additional material is included like connecting hoses, water inlet & outlet, pipe nipples, any additional material, electrical fittings & demounting of old geyser
5. A little heavy weighs 13 kg.


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Crompton Arno Neo Water Heater 


Crompton Arno Neo 25-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater with Advanced 3 Level Safety (White)


Very fast heating feature of Crompton water geyser with an amazing storage capacity of 25-liters of water and uses a good power supply wattage of 2000 watts and 8 bar pressure that can save a great amount of electricity. This geyser uses energy-conserving Insitu PUF rods capable of maintaining the inner temperature and taking care of the functionalities by not disturbing them. Available with the smart layer protecting against corrosion and rusting, three higher safety mechanisms have their own functionalities like the capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out & multi-functional valve. Even we have an anti-rusting feature that is specially fitted with magnesium anode which prevents rusting due to hard water quality. You will get an indicator lamp that tells when the water is ready to use for bathing. A knob will help you in adjusting the temperature of the water and is precisely very great to control it causing no side effects in the water. This product uses special coating elements that protect against scale formation. Crompton water heater is aesthetically designed to mix perfectly with any type of bathroom floor and bathroom tiles. To know more about its best qualities, benefits and, limitations let’s check all the things in the provided tables where we have mentioned everything about this product. You will get amazed after knowing more features of a treasured gift perfectly made for your home.



1. Energy efficient storage water heater with fast heating and taking less time.
2. Three level advance safety Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out & multi-functional valve to provide higher safety.
3. Magnesium rod fitted inside prevents corrosion and rusting due to hard water.
4. ISI marked nickel coated special element that protects from anti scale formation.
5. Available with twin indicator signals green (power) and red (heating).
6. Product materials are made in such a way that has capability to protect from direct electric shocks.
7. Fantastic features available with great benefits like lower energy consumption, faster heating, higher storage capacity and reduce high bills.


1. BEE 5 Star rating product strong withstanding to hold the capacity of 8 pressure bar appliance pumps.
2. Robust body with power indicator along with PUF coating insulin inside to protect from rusting and corrosion.
3. Powerful heating elements that takes care of anti-melting, shock and, hard water impurities.
4. Thermostat sensor keeps the water 24 hours warm for daily use.
5. Guide and Instruction manuals are provided along with the product, no need to hassle.
7. Provided with universal fitment and zero leakage to ensure maximum safety.


1. No installation service included by the vendor.
2. Uses Magnesium anode rods that needs to be upgrade.
3. Good product but life span is not mentioned.


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Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater


Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star


Bajaj New Shakti water heater is another product we have on our list as found out highly beneficial and maximum storing water capacity with a has 2000 watts capacity that can hold a great amount of power supply. This is very helpful in the cold weather season to provide much warmth to our body and also making our surroundings comfortable to stand when the hot water is poured on the body as well as floor to maintain the temperature and we could take bath comfortably. Bajaj New Shakti geyser is provided with 2 years of warranty on the product and 2 years  2 years on the heating elements and 5 years on the tank. The outer body is made of material CRCA (Cold Rolled Close Annealed) which is very thin and gives a smoother touch and very harder metals are rolled in below recrystallization. Strong titanium armor technology coated inside the tank prevents corrosion and rusting and gives long life to the water heater. Best suitable for high buildings with 8 bar pressure and can withstand up to 8.0 kg/cm2. The outer body CRCA is made with a single welding sheet metal that prevents rust and increases the water heater’s life. Bajaj Calenta hot water uses sufficient energy and consumes less electricity which automatically reduces appliance bills. Heating water very fast with 20% saving energy is its best specialty and for this, it uses swirl flow technology. This water heater is reliable that uses multiple safety systems and even prevents overpressure, overheating and, dry heating. The best you may decide to buy after knowing about its current specifications, benefits and, limitations.



1. Available with 3 different water storing capacity sizes of 10 liter, 15 liter, 25 liter.
2. Maximum 8 pressure bar suitable for high rise buildings and powerful appliance pumps.
3. Titanium armor technology built inside have a special coating prevents corrosion and rusting results in long life tank.
4. Single weld sheet outer body metal that increases the life of water heater.
5. Energy efficient saves much electricity to fulfill your daily needs.
6. Swirl flow technology to save energy and 20% water at the same time.
7. Multiple safety systems protecting against dry heating, over heating and over pressure.


1. Rust proof external body (CRCA + PP) that provides protection from rusting and increases the life span of the water geyser.
2. Free installation provided by the brands that offers installation and pipes.
3. IPX4 waterproof technology enhance the product life longer.
4. Powder coated metal body with adjustable thermostat sensors.
5. Strong magnesium anode made up inside with extra protection from corrosion and internal leakage.
6. Unique temperature indicator dial along with great know to control temperatures.


1. A heavy product weighs 13 kg 800 grams.
2. No extra installation is provided by the brand.
3. Magnesium anode rod needs a little improvement.


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Things are in front of you that have provided you a brief review about all the water heaters to select anyone from these while purchasing. We would recommend always go for a 5-star BEE rating product that can save the maximum amount of energy to fulfill daily requirements and reduce electricity bills. Even take care about the inner anode rods like as we have discussed that titanium chroma or stainless steel rods are better than other kinds of rods that may produce corrosion due to hard water and overheating. This may result in short lifespans of the tank. All of the above take 2000 wattage that is very much needed to run a geyser so never go for more wattage as this may produce heavy bills. Thermal cut-off features are very beneficial and you can have solid use of this feature which will automatically power off once the water is heated according to the temperatures provided. Chose always those geysers must suit high buildings, pressure appliance pumps. If you need anything additional fittings that may charge a little more but a geyser company must provide free installations and those who don’t provide it may cost you more charges from outside. It always maintains the comfort for your daily usage and if there comes an issue in the electric machine you must have a great time warranty so you do not have to spend more money on this item again. Buy once and no-hassle your whole life and enjoy hot water comfort. 

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