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Air Pods Pro 2019- Pre Book Apple Air Pods Pro before it’s too late. Awesome! Feature for listnaholic’s.

Latest Apple Gadget Air Pods Pro 2019 has Awesome new features.



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Are you ready to hear Apple’s good news?



apple air pods pro


Today, the World’s Top biggest brand Apple announces its latest tech gadget Apple Air Pods Pro. Wooo! I am very excited about this gadget because if I would tell you its latest and more security features that it may thrill you out and you even fall out on the floor. Apple has announced that Air Pods Pro is coming into the market near you on 30th October with their outstanding noise cancellation feature and the fresh price decided by the Apple company is 249$ which will be 17619 in Indian Rupees.

After the successful launch of Airpods on 7th September 2019. Apple decided to redesign its new approach and converted customer feedback as a forwarder. Where there was irritation in the handling of air pods when someone fixes into his ears.

So, Apple company decided to make 3 sizes of soft covers ( which is known as tapered silicon tips) that are much flexible and will exactly fit into ears without irritation and thus keeping in mind the equalization of pressures in the ears when air pods actually fix into ears feeling like there is nothing loaded.




What more features Apple has built in these Air Pods considering the World’s Population and mostly for Listnahlolic People?


listening with apple air pods pro




1. Active Noice cancellations for immersive sound.


silicone tapered tips


Here Immersive sound refers to those 3D sounds that reach the person sitting at different positions and heights to hear the immerse nature or the more strong experience like while watching a Blu-Ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray movies in the cinema halls.

It will cancel out the outer noises especially in public and traffic noises. And will make you listen to what you are hearing with amazing 3D sound effects making you feel that you are alive in a live concert or a cinema hall.

This feature bounces back to the Beats solo Pro headphones that have the same feature with a too high cost that is 300$.

Apple confidentially says  ” The Arrival of the Fittest “

According to Apple, it is the fittest as well as wireless earphones in this 21st century. This product will accommodate the surroundings near your ear and get comfortably fixes because of three sizes provided for different ear holes as exceptional seals the ears from the outside world so that, there is no possibility of Air Pods not to cancel out the outside sound but will also grip the ears securely, comfortably and human feels like nothing.


How does it cancel the outer noise?


Air Pods Pro has an outward-facing microphone that detects the sound which is externally coming from outside then the inbuilt feature of Air Pods pro will detect the exact frequency so that it can equally counter it with outside noises and cancels the noises just before you hear any anything.

Further, there is an inward-facing microphone that listens to the voices inside ears and removes the unwanted voices continuously adjusted at 200 times per second for the powerfully immersive sound to stay tune in podcasts, calls, video, and music.


2. Transparency Mode available for hearing


Apple Air Pods Pro ttansparency mode



Did you aware of the meaning of transparency mode? 


Well, this is new feature transparency tells about the outside noises. As there is a button on the stem of the Air Pods Pro if needed just press and hold for a second the sensors will get force automatically and become active about the outside world and everything happening outside will make you listen and aware about it.

This is the best thing I  have came to know that it makes this gadget so flexible and gets easily adaptive to its environment. As whenever needed to listen outside we can push the button and easily listen or hear the outer world.



3. Extremely very good Audio Quality  Performance


Apple Air Pods Pro Sound quality




We know that Apple company earphones or Air Pods provide the best quality of audio than any other brand. As more and more people are nowadays looking for Apple products and Apple became the most trustworthy company by being loyal to its consumers. Every people blindly trust on Apple products as compared to other brands.

But, this time Apple has classified its sound quality the best ever experienced in the market. As I gave you the idea that this gadget will give You the Cinema Hall effect as well as experiencing you with Live concert shows while sitting in a room or in public.

The Top Business Company is nowadays moving from macro technology to nanotechnology giving enough or features more than we expect. As apple providing High-quality sound effects in these two tiny Air Pods the same as we kept too large and heavy speakers to listen to the base and amplified songs in our home.

That’s the perfect nanotech gadget upcoming on 30th October 2019. Now you will be able to utilize superior sound quality and an adaptive equalizer to get  listen to the rich consistent listening experience of tuned music in your ears.




4. Sweat and Water Resistant


Apple Air POds Cover Pack



This is another feature that Apple has added to this gadget as it is sweat as well as water-resistant. Now there will not be any fear of losing these Air Pods  Pro if you sweat too. This Pro gadget added a unique pro feature to it. I really loved these features.  As these Air Pods Pro are designed in a very unique manner that may even hamper all production of any other brands selling earphones.



5. Call clarity in Windy Season


Apple Air Pods Pro microchip



This Air Pods Pro product added much clarity to the voice calls when attended in the windy season. An internal microchip is inbuilt inside this Ear holder that is built with an expanded mesh microphone port. As it is the most powerful technology that condenser mike uses to reduce unwanted noise with a clear concentration of audio extracted to came out of the mouth while speaking in front of the mike. So these powerful and heavy mikes are now built-in with the Apple Air Pods Pro gadget and in my opinion, it’s  Worth in 249$.




6. Available with only Wireless Chargers


Air Pods Pro Wireless Inbuilt


This is just like any other valuable feature that means you can charge it wirelessly. As wired Airpods will take 24 hours to charge and are without Qi-certified chargers but this is the vice versa that takes less time to charge.





7. Connect with Siri in Apple Phone and  Apple watches


Apple Air Pods Pro connect siri


It is the most Additive and compulsive feature Connect your Apple Air Pods Pro with your Apple phones as well as apple smartwatches anytime needed.

Siri this is what we needed the most in Apple products so that without lifting any finger we will be able to handle any calls, music listening, opening any application, providing direction, and much more with our own voices.

You can even share podcasts and audio music songs that you are listening to on other sets of Air Pods.  This is unbeatable and an amazing feature means sharing audio files between two Air Pods Sets.



What are the hardware components it is built with?


Apple Air Pods Pro components


  1.  Powerful Bass and low distortion speaker driver.
  2. Inward-facing microphone.
  3. Super Efficient high dynamic range amplifier.
  4. Compact tech pack
  5. H1 chip that powers your voice to Siri voice assistant.
  6. force sensor to easily control the music that switches between active noise cancellation and transparency mode.
  7. 3 tapered silicon tips covered to Air Pods Pro and fit with the ears.







How Google trends behavior shown on the internet about this product’s pre-launch?


Apple Air Pods Pro Searches






Nearly Around 200+K searches by people clicked on this product to get knowledge about it’s latest feature people are increasing so as data and much excited about this product. They will be coming to experience new technology. So the excitement is growing consistently so as the data and searches. Since the ratio has become 6:10 where 6 out of 10 people showing their interest in buying the product.

This product is worth and affordable compared to all others and if you are looking for this is the best time to adapt this gadget as your own and experience the innovative technology it is built with.

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