A chance to explore and experience the journey of life with thrilling, audacious adventures.



When life moments get dull even, no place to relax after doing studies or 9 to 5 office work, then one must accept to liberate about being away from your homeland.

People can be right saying that, there is no way to enjoy one’s own life, if one is not paying any attention to the situation to live it happily, and not enjoying every day like it’s the last in life.

But, after listening to and follow these words still, no one feels that life is gleeful.

Then, it is a better chance to go to experience an audacious and adventurous journey of cliches to feel the soft & cold breeze, enjoying inner peace from the top of the mountains, under the sea, in the sky, and other thrilling places.

Make it the right choice to get a backpack and move far away from your country to other places.

This audacious journey gives you a lot of experience of adventurous sports.

Here is a must-do list of travelers who experienced these sports and recommended it for you.



  1. Sky Diving in Australia



If you are planning to visit Australia then, there is no best thing beyond that. Australia is famous for many reasons like beautiful places, wildlife sanctuaries, and dine out experiences.

But, sky diving is the most awesome experience than all of these, and one should include in their lists if he is not suffering from acrophobic.

Many countries have sky diving places but, it is considered the best one in this famous adventurous sports, instead of other countries.

If you are planning to experience a Sydney trip in Australia then, it is never to forget the Wollongong sky diving in your list.

But, the best recommendation by many of the travelers and globetrotters to experience sky diving in Mission beach skydive near Cairns if you wish the free-falling from 15000ft of the sky with the views of the great barrier reef.



  1. Cliff Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand.



It is one of the most dangerous and thrilling activities to do cliff Jump in Queenstown in Newzealand.

A fresher at first time scare to jump at the height of more than 650 feet above the sea level, isn’t scary to imagine about it?

Queenstown is for your service to transform your adventurous journey into a scary one.

It’s a great decision to travel towards Queenstown to the escapade terrifying cliff Jump (a death-defying drop) that shoots you 360 feet into the canyon below.

The cliff jump marked as the highest jump shoot over canyon swing.

It needs more courage on the top of a healthy dose of adrenaline, to expect amazing views experience like to explode into the water reaching a level of 360 feet down under water.

It’s a hope to see yourself happy rather, scary after experiencing it, and heart medical patience should better not to choose to experience it for their health safety.



  1. Fire Limbo, a full Moon night party in Koh Phangan in Thailand



An island full of pump-up lunatics at the full moon night that celebrates party fills drinking the famous Koh Phangan buckets on the Haad Rin beach to the eastern coast of Thailand.

It will be a memorable and even the most dangerous fun activity to experience at the full moon night, where you will have to manage to swerve lethal buckets.

Enjoy the night with friends, and get delicious mushroom shake offers.

One who is fascinated tempts to play with the fire game, where the locals in the fire limbo do the fire skipping or diving through the fire coated hoop.

Then this season, you should choose to visit Koh Phangan, Thailand, and book the dates with your close friends to enjoy the full moon night party at the last day of this year.



  1. Water Rappelling in Costa Rica



A journey to Costa Rica will include abseiling or rappelling that one must try in his life which involves dangling, or majestically bouncing down a rock face.

Your one attempt makes you feel like a spiderman jumping towards the rappelling waterfall downwards as the same watched in the spiderman movie.

It will be the most haunting and terrifying jump off the high peak with a rope tied to your body.

It is a famous place for celebs pace survivor provides by Bear Grylls on the water rappelling site.

Too many Hollywood celebrities have experienced abseiling who didn’t have any prior experience, that is why they always recommend Costa Rica for the awesome adventurous water rappelling.

I would advise you to enjoy this best sport if you are planning to visit Costa Rica.




  1. Ride a Bike Death Road in Bolivia



La Paz’s infamous death road especially made for mountain bikers considered a place to death of ride.

It is an exotic sport, and dangerous, exhilarating journey if you are a pro biker, and curious to go for death road to hunt for the terrifying sport then, it is your best chance to visit.

No need to worry if you are not fit as the fiddle because the road is downhill to enjoy the sport.

If anyone wants to practice mountain bike riding then, it will build you like a pro because, for 4 to 5 hours of a white knuckle ride, your arms will get a lock by hammering breaks.

If anyone is planning for there then, you must keep all the precautions, road safety kit, and cover themselves with body pads.



  1. Hang-Gliding in New Zealand



The craziest, exciting, and fun Kiwi rides known as Hang-Gliding, and Canyon Swinging.

Another Adventurous sport to experience Bungee jumping when, moving away to pop your Bungee cherry, in Queenstown in New Zealand.

It is a place to enjoy stomach-churning experiences in life.

Everyone wishes to fly high in the sky, and none of the other choices will be best than flying high, and it is affordable to your budget, and even it won’t pain your nerves when you are at 200 meters high above the earth surface and that is worth taking part in to enjoy it.

I would recommend you must enjoy this Kiwi bird-like ride and not hesitate because life gives a chance at once.

Those who enjoy it happily, feel to accompany an outing with other people, instead of suggesting them to make life adventurous.



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