8 Dishes Must Devour: Tasty Pakistani Meals



Pakistani cuisine is developed with rich, luscious tastes, and a sweet odor in meals that can change your mind state to consume.

Pakistan chefs are popularized with their names of ‘Khansaman’ in Pakistani restaurants.

The taste of their delicious meals made from their hands devours guests to lunge on the table.

More than 200 Million+ people live in Pakistan.

After separation from India in 1947, Pakistan originated as an independent country.

Anyone should learn the art of stylizing as well as work of adding flavor elements in the meals!

Along with India, The ‘Pak’ has other its neighboring countries like Iran, Afghanistan that influenced Pak food culture over many years.

Pakistani dishes are mostly famous in non-vegetarian, but they have few vegetarian items that are marvelous and delectable to eat.


  1. Nihari




Nihari ‘famous non-vegetarian breakfast’ is truly a game-changer made with beef shank pieces.

Adding a heap of spices to the meal gives a marvelous taste.

Most of the travelers recommend this dish while planning to visit out in Pakistan.

The heap of spices is fried in a pan with adding Desi Ghee “Pure Butter” and Beef Shanks bestrew in a copper cauldron to stir it well.

A silky touch in the meal is obtained finally to serve.


  1. Kabuli Pulao




Pulao from ‘Kabul’. Kabul is the capital of ‘Afghanistan’. A Few miles away from Pakistan situated in KP province

Kabuli Pulao is the most prominent dish in Afghanistan.

And after it well popularized in the country and made with their own diversified way of the dish.

It is a non-vegetarian food item with having chunks of Goat Meat aka Mutton or Beef meat ‘Cow Mass’ in the dish.

Pulao in English is called ‘rice’. ‘Khansaman’s’ adds finely polished rice grains are fried in oil to stir it with a mixture of spices in the cauldron.

A saffron color is then added to give an orange taste and smell to the meal.

After a few minutes, the ‘Kabuli Pulao’ meal is ready to serve at the breakfast.


  1. Karahi



Karahi is the most famous Pakistani dish. The name ‘Karahi’ is derived from the iron bowl like the pan in which it is cooked.

Karahi acquires a place in the hearts of all Pakistanis. Most of the Pakistani’s usually have it.

Karahi can be found cooking anywhere in small shops as well as luxurious hotels.

Karahi recipe has a different way to prepare with smashed tomato, onion, and animal fat oil.

The velvety curry is majorly prepared with the goat meat or chicken that is added into a rich mixture of spices, smashed tomatoes and onions.

The iron utensil is full of smokiness and blows out to tender meat chunks and a lot of fat of Desi Ghee, chicken, and additional flavored cream.

A rich, delicious meal is arranged to eat lovingly with family.


  • Haleem



Get ready for lunch with Haleem’s meal.

A vegetarian Pakistani dish has been popularized over centuries.

Incredible ingredients are ready to stir in the mother pot.

Haleem is the combination of enriching barley, wheat flours, and chickpeas that are added to the fried onions, mint leaves with both dry and green chilies.

Finally, a lemon syrup is splendid upon the mixture and stirs well for cooking.

Everyone enjoys amazing Haleem.


  1. Halwa Puri



People are really fond of ‘Halwa Puri’ in Pakistan. Many have followed a different way to prepare the Halwa puri dish.

This recipe is rich in fat and sweetness. Halwa Puri is itself known by odor smell.

Puri aka small Chapatti made with flour and Desi Oil or it can be made in Olive Oil.

But one must follow the exact way to make the best Puri’s.

2 plates of Flour are added to 250 ml of water to make a dough.

Then some amount of clayey flour dough is taken in hand to make it circular with the cylindrical roller and finally placed into the oil to fry.

Halwa is like a sweet dish made from semolina and dry fruits, which is served with Puri’s.


  1. Lassi



A sweet Lassi can fill up your stomach.

Even when served, in restaurants with a huge steel glass.

People often prefer Lassi in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lassi is their favorite drink in Lahore, Pakistan.

There are different varieties of Lassi like ‘Salted Lassi’, ‘Sweet Lassi’, and much other fruit Lassi is prepared.

All types of Lassi’s are made after churning milk to extract the butter.

Adding ice cubes, water, fruit or salt flavor to give texture and foam to the drink.

Finally, you may have the chilled buttermilk to drink.


  1. Chapshurro




The right way to move on the most unique, local cuisines straight from the northern area of Pakistan which is Gilgit Baltistan.

You must try the taste of Chapshurro. The most scrumptious meal of northern Pakistan is waiting for you.

People glad to eat when served the dish with the whole family.

Chap means meat. Either meat of chicken, the goat is served, but most people have it with Yak meat.

Chapsurro is a prominent dish used while traveling. It is cooked in a convex iron or steel pan or a cooker.

Seasoning the meat with fresh and healthy vegetables like sweet carrot, onions, capsicum, rich tomatoes, and the mixture of masala.

It is served with Chapatti’s made from the dough recipe and different wheat species.

A healthy item to give energy to the body and make the bones stronger.


  1. Tikka Kebab



Yum! The legend and the King of non-vegetarian snack items.

Renowned by the people of Pakistan and the most evergreen dish to eat anytime.

It is specially made with the skewer. The crisp taste of Tikka kebab is in the hands of the skewer.

The way of moving the Kebab piece can be only controlled by the experienced skewers.

Tikka Kebab is another meat item where marinated meat cooked under high temperatures.

A high amount of coal is heated below the iron rods and Tikka Kebab is fixed into these rods to roll its heat.

Various spices like ‘Black Pepper’, ‘Salt’, ‘Chaat Masala’, etc.; are splendid over Tikka kebab to give a sour taste.

Tikka kebab after a few rolling is cooked perfectly and is served with its sour and salty taste.







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