Best 10 Easy Indian recipes for your lunch

10 Delicious Meals: Easy Indians recipes you will love to Cook



Indians are much popular in making delicious food. The ‘taste of India’ follows a variety of meals in different religions and their way of making it.

Preparing a velvety food paste is a necessity to give fragrance and sweet essence to the easy Indian recipes for lunch meals.

Indians are well popularly known for their easy and tasty recipes.

Where homemade dishes prepared to add fresh-cut vegetables, oil, creams, fatty acids, and hot spices that create a seasoning silky paste for the meal.

A base of almost all of the meals that Indians initiate to cook.

In India, different religions of people prepare different types of food and their diversified way of making it.

People glad to eat the 10 most famous dishes in India.



  1. Chole Bhathure



Chole Bhathure comes under legendary dishes in India. It is a typical North Indian dish popular among Punjabis but now served in all restaurants, Street stalls and stands where people gather mostly to lunge on this delicious meal.

Most Indians prefer to eat at breakfast. It’s a heavy meal in which the Bhathura’s fluffy behavior is prepared of wheat flour in a pan and delicious chole is dipped in the hot and spicy watery paste to serve.



  1. Paneer Kulche



Paneer Kulche is another North Indian heavy meal where Kulcha is made of soft bread which is fermented with yeast and baking soda.

And Paneer is a dairy product, simply available after separating the curd from hot milk and then raw Paneer is available to cook.

There are more than 40+ Paneer dishes prepared and different variety has different tastes.

To prepare Paneer Kulcha, Paneer is cut into cubes added with green chilies and hot spices mix for seasoning.

Thus, tasty Paneer stuffing in soft rolled Kulcha is served to eat.




  1. Murg Makhni



Murg Makhni is the best Indian dish that most of the Nov vegetarian people prefer to eat.

Boneless or boned chicken pieces, dip into the silky watery paste. The paste is yummy to eat with chicken pieces and Chapatti.

It can be cooked in the home.

Mainly preferred in dinner or dining out in restaurants and served with green chilies upon the meal.


  1. Malai Kofta



A marvelous dish that people experienced biting off their own fingers while eating. A yummy dish that everyone would love to eat.

Kofta is made with boiling the potato and then adding Paneer stuff.

Mashing and mixing them to add with spices, salt, and black pepper in rich tomato which is cut into pieces to make the gravy aka ‘Malai’.

Then round balls of Kofta are dipped into the gravy for cooking and after a few minutes is ready to serve with Chapatti.



  1. Chicken 65



The famous dish in Chennai is created with deep-fried chicken pieces in which the clean taste of ginger and lemon is mixed with various other spices.

It is a specialty of Tamil Nadu and there are many statements behind this some people say that this delightful dish was first prepared by A.M Buhari in the early 1960s.

Another defines it that chicken is cut into 65 pieces all over then it is cooked and served.


  1. Tea with Pakora



Everyone is fond of delicious Tea drinks. But, there is something more to be loved worldwide, is tea with Pakora.

All over India even mostly in hilly states and in the time of rainy days, people prefer to take Pakora with tea in the morning and evening hours.

Initially, Pakora paste is prepared with gram flour, turmeric powder, salt, black pepper, red chili powder, and water to mix it well to get a yellow paste.

Then dipping pieces of different vegetables into the paste to fry in a pan filled with oil.

Serve with delicious tea makes it delightful while eating it.




  1. Masala Dosa



Masala Dosa is always served with spicy and piquant curry aka Sambhar. Dosa with Sambhar is famous in south Indian recipes.

More than 50+ types of Dosa is originated.

It is fermented with rice and black gram lentil batter to bake on the Dosa pan or the burning griddle.

Masala Dosa is one of the famous varieties in Dosa’s and there are many more to bake like Rawa Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Onion Tomato Dosa, etc.



  1. Palak Paneer



So yum! Everyone’s favorite Palak paneer.

Palak is a ‘Hindi word term’ aka Spinach

Here, fresh Paneer cubes added in spinach recipe to complete a dish to serve.

In major parts of India people cook it at home kitchens. The taste of spinach with other spices is delectable and even now preferred by travelers in tourist places and in restaurants.



  1. Dal Makhani



A specialty of Indians, anywhere they go either in restaurants, tourist places, and even at home Dal Makhani is the favorite of Indians who loves to eat usually.

Even in   Marriages, most of the people prefer to take the creamy Dal Makhani at dinner time.

Madness in their mind about luscious Dal Makhani for many years is still there.

Dal Makhani is prepared using kidney like beans and black whole mixes in the cooker for boiling after then adding the watery paste into it.

People are fond of Dal Makhani in India and there are no fixed occasions for ‘Black Creamy Dal Makhani’.



  1. Shahi Paneer



The last and the king of all delicious meals the ‘Shahi Paneer’. People prefer to eat it usually.

Every Indian family member is delighted to have ‘Scrumptious Shahi Paneer’ the richest creamy meal of all time.

Shahi means royal in English and has now become the majorly preferred meal by most Indians.

‘Shahi Paneer’ is the majestic meal in all Paneer items. It is served since during the time of Mughals, where Mughal Kings preferred it on their meal tables.

The velvety cream is rich in sweet tomato flavor that makes it sweeter and toothsome while eating.

In all the states of India people preferred to make it with cubes of Paneer that dipped in the rounded pan with the prepared velvety mixture of cream and spices.

After keeping it for a few minutes to cook and then serve the hot ‘Shahi Paneer’ dish.



















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